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Help stop bullying

Help stop bullying with this summer read – Larger-than-life Lara by Dandi Mackall

Follow Help Stop Bullying – great Summer Read Both my girls read this book and suggested I read it too.  In fact, they were insistent! It’s an easy read for adults and children alike and is a great way to begin to understand the insidious...

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Become an Alternative Mom

Follow How to become an alternative mom? Doing a shop in Target today and some ladies were stacking the shelves (I went in early). One of them said to another So, how are your little ones? They then began a discussion about the latest round of flu, c...

Spirit Guides

Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

Follow Spirit Guides – how to connect with them On the Spiritual Journey I have found myself moving from disbelief to belief of my experiences over time. During my ‘weekend spirituality’ period, I would attend workshops and have interesting spiritual experiences – perhaps even connect successfully with my Spirit Guides…...

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