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    Changing beliefs on the Spiritual Journey

    October 19th, 2016  A new week following that very powerful Super Moon!  One of the best things (IMHO) about the Spiritual Journey is that it often introduces us to new ideas and concepts that ultimately we need to take on because we end up experiencing them full body and HAVING to take them on.  Has that happened to you?

    I really didn't think twice about energy work or needing to work on my Aura or Field -- until I discovered I became unwell unless I did.

    I really didn't believe in energies, disembodied spirits or connecting with Loved Ones who have passed -- until it happened to me too regularly to ignore.

    I truly was not aware that my diet and emotional attitudes were impacting my health -- until I got sick.

    Now I am very aware of Moon Cycles and even have an app on my phone to help me track them, because knowing where we are in a moon cycle helps me deal better with life!

    What new ideas have you had to take on during the Spiritual Journey recently?

    In the light!

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How can opening the Akashic Records help us?

akashic records

Akashic Records – how can they help? I got asked this question about the Akashic Records this morning by somebody from a Facebook group. I get asked this question a lot! I thought the question and my answers would be worth posting since I’m sure others are also having this…

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Allergies or more evolved DNA?


Do you or your kids have Allergies? Perhaps our DNA is sending us a strong message about our food supply and our need to get back to food which is natural and right for our bodies. This post suggests a different way of thinking about our wellness. Step out of the box!

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Internal dialogue – what is it and how does it apply to you?


What happens when you judge yourself wanting or make a mistake? Do you hear your own internal dialogue – if so – what does it say? This post will help you identify another step on the road to spiritual freedom – freedom from internal judgement and self-limited behavior. Two great books to check out as well!

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A question I ask every empath I meet


What question would I ask an Empath? Well if you are an Empath you may be interested to read this blog post – and consider some alternative approaches to your health and well being as a Sensitive Person. Check out this blog post and let me know!

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Green Tara, Ascended Master and the Bhodisattva of compassion

green tara

Sometimes when we meditate, we can receive surprising pieces of information to help us along the way. Green Tara popped into one of my meditations and asked to be a regular presence in my office to assist with a project I am working on. So be it! Here’s more information about Green Tara.

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Using adult coloring books for meditation

adult coloring

I have always enjoyed coloring. I refused to give it up long into my twenties, even when some people would make fun of me for doing so. I’d even doodle on purpose so I could color things in. Now we officially have adult coloring books in all the stores. Yay! Do you like to color too? It’s a great meditative tool.

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How to raise Kundalini energy in the body


What is kundalini? How can we raise our kundalini and why should we even bother? This post will enlighten you some on this form of body energy and help you understand how raising your kundalini can help with health, wellbeing and general overall happiness levels.

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Veggies for noodles – one simple way to substitute


Would you like some easy and healthy ways to get more veggies into your diet without feeling deprived? Once we are on the spiritual journey often we find we can no longer tolerate certain foods in our diet. One popular trend is to substitute veggies for noodles. It’s easy! This is my take on the zucchini for pasta substitution approach and I feel like I’m eating healthier and don’t feel deprived at all.

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5 Blog posts from my archives every spiritual seeker should read

Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Spiritual seeker?  5 popular blog posts I believe you will find most useful It was 6 years ago at the end of July 2010 that I started this blog.  Sometimes sporadically, often slowly but surely I’ve written over 300 posts now! When I work with clients, a lot of them…

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A beginners guide to mediumship


Have you had an experience of being contacted by an energy or spirit you believe to have passed over? How do you know it’s just a special experience for you or part of your journey of growth as a spiritual medium? Some mediumship questions answered.

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