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    Happy New Year!

    January 1st, 2017 Several Super Moons later, here we are in the consciousness and energy of a '1' year (2+0+1+7) = 10, 1+0 = 1).  A '1' year denotes new beginnings and the start of a new and fresh new 9 year cycle in your life.  What are your intentions for 2017?  I hope you find useful support and provocative thoughts on this site.

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Karmic newsflash – emotional cowardice creates karma!


Sometimes during my spiritual work I get ‘flash’ insights, something that just comes in whole form as a download or a clairsentient intuitive hit (spontaneous thought). While I was listening to a local radio station’s ‘Couple’s Court’ feature this week, I got this intuitive insight about preventing emotional expression and how it may create karma for us and others. After all, how long do we really want to be stuck in the karmic spin cycle?

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3 ways to fight depression


Even with our spiritual tools and raising our vibration, doing our work, we can still suffer from depression. Often depression is a spiritual signal to something greater, which can be dealt with…but how to get through the everyday tasks when we are experiencing spiritual pain or depression? 3 ways to start.

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Your Akashic Records – 5 Simple Ways to Connect


What is happening for many of us is that, as we awaken, by becoming aware that eating clean is better for us, by having emotional breakthroughs as we learn more about relationships, by practicing yoga or feeling the call to learn more about energy work and awakening our chakras, we are becoming aware of our Akashic Records too, and having more and more experiences of them in daily life. This post helps you to understand the Akashic Records and learn 5 simple ways that you can begin the consciousness connection to your own Akashic Records.

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My top 7 essential oils a-diffusing | Essential Oils as Christmas gifts

essential oils

My top 7 Essential Oils My first introduction to Essential Oil was with a British company called Likisma.  I loved their oils and kept them with me as a kit since I traveled a lot for work in those days. In 2005 I qualified as a reflexologist in the State…

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8 Oracle card decks a-flipping | Spiritual Christmas Gift Ideas

Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Divination is an interesting intuitive art, often requiring tools. Here are my top 8 Oracle card decks used to divine energy. Perhaps a gift for Christmas in the list here?

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9 Crystals a-sparkling | Spiritual Christmas Gifts


Here are 9 crystals a-sparkling! You may love using crystals or be thinking about buying crystals as a spiritual gift for a friend or loved one. Here are my top 9 favorite crystals as a guide. Crystals can become even more significant to somebody when given as a gift.

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10 Spiritual Movies a-reeling | Christmas Gifts

10 spiritual movies

If you are thinking of Christmas gifts for yourself or another spiritually minded person, then check out these 10 spiritual movies for inspiration. I hope you find something to inspire, enlighten and give you joy over the Holiday Season.

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11 CDs a-playing – 11 music collections for the 12 days of Christmas

11 music collections

11 CDs a-playing! 11 music collections counting down through the 12 days of Christmas, spiritual work, meditation or just background relaxation – great gift ideas.

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12 Books for Christmas Gifts

books for Christmas gifts

If you are like me then you enjoy books for Christmas Gifts. Here are 12 that I have read or am waiting to find under the Christmas tree! Enjoy.

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My favorite 5 comments left by you on this blog and why I like them

5 favorite comments

Blogging is fun because of the writing. It’s even more fun because now that we have social media people can write back and interact with views, thoughts and comments. Here are my 5 favorite comments from the blog and why I like them so much. Thanks everyone! Please keep commenting and responding.

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